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How to keep your air conditioner cooling properly this summer

26 November 2019

How to keep your air conditioner cooling properly this summer

Do you feel like your air conditioner can’t keep up with cooling the temperature indoors sometimes? Most people don’t realise that air conditioning units also need maintenance from time to time to keep it working properly, especially in the summer.

Check out these easy but effective techniques on how to help beat the summer heat with a well maintained air conditioning system:

  • Check your filters at least once per month.

Your system will tend to get clogged during the summer months as more dust and allergens circulate. When the filter is clogged, your unit will need to work harder to produce cool air, which could lead to higher electricity bills. If you think the air in your room or house is taking longer than usual to cool down, your filter may be clogged. Replacing or cleaning the filter regularly will help keep your unit working efficiently.

  • Keep your air conditioner unit in the shade.

Another contributing factor as to why it takes a long time for air conditioners to cool the air in a room, especially at the warmest time of day, is the location of your air conditioner. Is it located in an open space where it’s directly hit by sunlight all throughout the day? If yes, then it means that the air surrounding your unit is warmer than usual. Just like hot water, heated air takes longer to cool down even with an air conditioner.

We suggest speaking to a qualified electrician for advice before relocating your unit to a shaded space. Our O’Brien experts will be happy to talk through the options with you.

  • Use an air conditioning unit suitable for the “air space” of the room.

When buying an air conditioner, keep in mind that each unit is designed with a specific air space in mind. This means that certain units can only effectively cool a room or space within the size of “air space” it’s designed for. Your system probably won’t be as effective if the room it’s trying to cool is too big and spacious for the unit. If you think your current air conditioner is not compatible with the space it’s supposed to cool, contact O’Brien so our experts can assess your situation and provide you with expert advice.

  • Don’t skip air conditioning maintenance.

Regular maintenance ensures that your air conditioning unit is working at its best. If you don’t schedule maintenance, be proactive and observant while its operating. While you can take care of the basic air conditioner maintenance yourself like changing the filters, there are issues that are better off inspected by professionals such as leaking liquid, an unusual smell, or strange noises. Doing so may effectively extend the lifespan of your air conditioner or even save you money from serious repairs and replacement.

Air Conditioning Maintenance by O’Brien Experts

Our qualified electricians can assess the condition of your current air conditioning unit, its location, and the area you want to be cooled with your individual requirements in mind. We are located all over Australia and are always ready to be of assistance, book online with the Experts at O’Brien Electrical today!

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