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Data Cabling Canberra


O’Brien Electrical Hume is a trusted provider of data, communications, fibre optics and complete cabling infrastructure solutions. We provide comprehensive communications and data cabling in Canberra including consultation, design, installation and project management for complete voice and data networks and systems, structured cabling systems, including voice, data and fibre optics.

We are dedicated to providing the most effective solution to support all your data and communication needs. Our technicians are Austel licensed, Cat 5, Cat 6 endorsed so you can be confident that your system is installed to the highest standards.

O’Brien Electrical Hume is your one-stop-shop for all your data and communications requirements across Canberra. Contact us on (02) 6260 1906 to discuss your requirements with an expert.


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Structured cabling

A well designed structured cabling system can improve the performance of your network and make troubleshooting easier. We offer a complete design and installation service for all types of structured cabling systems.

We have expertise in designing cable systems using a combination of Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a cables. Fibre-optic cables can also be integrated to improve network speeds and reduce data loss.


Fibre-optic cabling

In the past, the cost of installing fibre-optic was prohibitively expensive for many smaller companies. However, installation costs are now more affordable, making the technology much more accessible.

Our engineers can design and install a full or hybrid fibre-optic cable network. Hybrid systems use a combination of fibre and copper on the same network. This allows you to enjoy most of the benefits of fibre, without the cost of installing it network-wide.


Voice cabling

While it may not be fashionable, the humble desk phone remains an important communication tool for many companies. To help support your phone system, we offer a complete voice cabling design and installation service for VoIP and legacy systems.

Our engineers also provide troubleshooting services for communication networks. We have invested in the latest testing equipment, to help us quickly identify and repair faults on both new and legacy cabling systems.


Comms room installation

A well-designed comms room can help you manage and deploy network services with confidence. We offer a range of comms room services to support your network. Options include design, patch panel wiring and rack installation.

We can also design the core systems your comms room needs to work efficiently. Options include: rack cooling, fire suppression, power delivery and power continuity.


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What is the difference between Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a?

These are all copper Ethernet cables, but they offer different data transfer speeds and data loss performance.

Cat5e is the oldest and slowest of the cables. It provides 1Gbps of data transfer at 100MHz across 100 metres.

Cat6 cable is now considered the standard cable. It has a transfer speed of 10Gbps at 250MHz across 50 metres and less cross-talk and signal loss across its length.

Cat6a is the newest generation of cable. It has a transfer speed of 10Gbps across 100 metres at 500MHz.

What is the difference between conventional cabling and structured cabling?

Conventional cabling is typically installed by different vendors over several years, a situation that results in data and electrical cables being combined in the same trunking. This impacts performance and makes troubleshooting more difficult.

Structured cabling, on the other hand, is highly organised. The data and electrical cables run in separate trunking and trays to prevent interference, while network cables are grouped to make identification and troubleshooting much easier.

What are the advantages of using fibre-optic cable over CAT6?

Fibre-optic cables offer much faster transfer speeds than traditional copper ethernet cables. The fastest Cat6a cable has a transfer speed of up to 10Gbps, across a run of 100m or so.

Fibre optic cables offer transfer speeds of up to 100 terabits per second and carry more bandwidth than the equivalent sized copper cable. They can also be installed in cable runs of up to 40km.

What Is a Plenum Cable?

Plenum cables offer greater fire resistance than conventional PVC cables, releasing fewer poisonous gases when they burn. The use of plenum cable is therefore recommended in areas of a building where there is a risk of smoke spreading in a fire.

Such spaces include the return-air spaces of buildings, including the space above suspended ceilings and below raised floors. These are the spaces where HVAC systems get the air to heat or cool, so they are a prime route for smoke spreading in a fire.

Should I install one or two cables per work area?

Ultimately, this comes down to your budget. However, as the volume of data continues to increase, it makes sense to future proof your network by installing two network points per work area if your budget allows.

Installing two network points during installation is relatively inexpensive compared to adding more later, and it will result in much less disruption to your business. Having two network points also gives you the flexibility of adding more voice and data services later.

How much should I budget for my structured cabling?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. However, it’s difficult for us to answer here. The cost of your installation will depend on several factors such as the number of network points, the length of cable runs, the type of cable and so on.

To get an accurate price for your structured cabling, you will need to arrange for a site survey. Get in touch with our experts today to discuss your specific cabling needs or to arrange an appointment.

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