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Recent Plumbing Projects Port Macquarie


Our Recent Plumbing Projects in Port Macquarie

At O’Brien Plumbing & Roofing Port Macquarie, we’re always proud our local work. As members of the Port Macquarie community for over 30 years, we always strive to deliver top-quality workmanship with fantastic customer service, no matter how big or small the job is.

Whether it’s a complete roof replacement or simply fixing a leaking tap, our local plumbers and roofers are always available to support the Port Macquarie region.

Take a look below at some of our most recent plumbing and roofing projects.

Roofing Renewal of 155 Horton Street

This building consists of 9 local shops (retail, hospitality businesses) with 1200m² of roofing.

The roofing had leaks and was the original roofing (Zincalume Roofing). They have renewed it by using Lysaght Colorbond Klip-lok 700 roofing.

The completed job included:

  • 2 whirlybirds installed for additional ventilation
  • Dry pans (a metal flashing which covers over a roof sheet across the width of the penetration. It runs from the back of the penetration all the way up the Klip-lok sheet to the ridge of the roof ) are used to let water run off it better and it will prolong the life of the roof since will be rust free for longer.
  • Air conditioning units installed at the back – with O’Brien Plumbing & Roofing and client coordinating with electricians to schedule work with minimal disruption. This allowed the businesses to still would be functional with air con and power throughout.
  • Installation of roof insulation under Colorbond roofing – Bradford 80mm glasswool anticon insulation

Before & After  

Commercial Roof Replacement Port Macquarie


Plumbing & Roofing For Port Macquarie Base hospital Mental Health Expansion

The Mental health unit is attached to the base hospital. This project was a combination of refurbishment of the existing facility plus an expansion of a new build (24 bed facility).

This project was a design and construction package! (most projects are only constructional works but this one they also did designs!) They engaged a hydraulic consultant to design the work to suit the project.

Roofing work included:

  • 2000m² roofing
  • VELUX Skylights used to incorporate multiple skylights for natural lighting.
  • Colourbond Klip-lok 700 roofing with 150mmm colourbond round downpipes
  • Wall guttering – 200mm half round guttering – with blue mountain mesh fire-rated leaf guards

Plumbing work included:

  • Plumbing system design to accommodate civil stormwater and hydraulics system
  • As part of this project they used civil stormwater system (bigger than typical stormwater drainage) connected to the on-site retention basins to prevent erosion and potential damage
  • Multiple concrete storm water system installed in accordance with government standards
  • Installation of anti-vandal tapware and fixtures (taps, shower, toilets etc)
  • Designed for the prevention and minimisation of patient self-harm

Plumbing and roofing hospital expansion in Port Macquarie

Roofing and plumbing expansion work at Port Macquarie Base Mental Health hospital

Commercial Roofing For Office Complex at 149 Gordon Street

This is a 3 story building – 2 floors were commercial offices. Top floor residential units, with underground car park as well.

Roofing work included installing lysaght trimdek colourbond roofing. 

On the front of the building a special product was used to make the street front look featured. This is called longline cladding – So it is like a waterfall solution on the walls from the roof.

The roof top units are designed to incorporate an outlook over the Port Mac Hastings river.

Plumbing work was performed on the residential units only. Plumbing included fire hydrant system including booster assembly, landing valves and fire hose reels. Overall the plumbing was designed to cater for water metering to all each and every residential and commercial units.

Commercial roofing and plumbing project at 149 Gordon Street

Plumbing & Roofing For Lake Cathie Public School

New primary school that was build to support the growing local population.

In Stage 1 they installed a COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) , administration building, canteen, 10 classrooms, library, hall, special programs are, staff facilities, toilets, games and assembly courts, sports fields and car parks.

Plumbing work included:

  • Safe and built for purpose and easy to use tapware, bubblers, showers, with safety and compliance as well as accessible design, and water efficiency in mind.
  • Use of Enware brand that is built for purpose for the education sector.
  • Rheem solar hot water system installation
  • All classrooms were serviced by Rinnai commercial gas flued heaters, for heating the rooms. LPG gas system also installed to service the Rinnai flued gas heaters.

Roofing included:

  • COLA has been installed that is using the Spandek Lysaght colorbonding product.
  • COLA incorporated DANPAL– Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets, Cladding and Glazing
  • Used half round Colourbond gutters – various sizes 100mm-300mm guttering system
  • Blue mountain mesh fire rated gutter guard (leaf guard)
  • 100-225 mm Colourbond downpipe used also

Due to the proximity of the ocean all colourbond material were Colourbond ultra so protects better from the ocean and salt. Not rusting so easily.

Lake Cathie Public School

Port Macquarie Hastings Public School Plumbing & Roofing

Roofing & plumbing work included:

  • Covered outdoor learning area for the basketball court
  • The COLA is a 700m² roofing job on this site
  • Plumbing for stormwater, downpipes and all the piping work
  • Work still in progress

Keeping the kids out of the rain or the hot sun while they learn or play is easy with a custom COLA shelter.



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