Blocked Drains


If you’ve ever had a drain blockage, you know how inconvenient, messy and unhealthy it can be. Let O’Brien Plumbing Taworth help!

We provide drain cleaning to residential and commercial clients across Tamworth and surrounding regions including Armidale, Gunnedah and Narrabri. We utilise a wide range of drain cleaning technologies that effectively locate and remove the materials causing the blockage.


High-Pressure Water Jetting

Root intrusions, grease, sludge, sand and debris are the main causes of residential and commercial drain line blockages.

Our high-pressure water jetting service can help you clear this sediment by:

  • Penetrating and emulsifying grease
  • Breaking up sludge and debris
  • Pulverizing roots
  • Cutting out hardened scale
  • Flushing out the system

Cable machines are used to remove tree roots and break through solid obstructions. They are, however, less effective in removing softer blockages such as grease and other build-up. Cable machines will bore holes through sludge but they don’t clean and push the debris out of pipes the way jetting does.

How Does Jetting Work?

High-pressure water jetting is an efficient way to clean drain and sewer lines. It’s quick, economical, environmentally safe and can be used on many types of pipes.

Using state-of-the-art pumps and flexible hoses, ordinary water is propelled under varying amounts of pressure into the sewer line. A special nozzle mounted on the end of a heavy-duty hose has an array of forward and reverse jets to direct powerful cleansing streams of water all the way to the pipe walls, cutting through even the toughest blockages.

Regular preventive maintenance is key to keeping drain lines flowing freely. Restaurants and other commercial establishments typically require frequent high-pressure water jetting to remove mineral deposits, grease build-up, sludge and debris that accumulate in lines. Some businesses may require just one or two cleanings annually while others benefit from monthly or quarterly cleanings. Cleaner pipes mean fewer service calls and less down time. This means you save money!

Please contact O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth for more information or to discuss your requirements.

CCTV Inspections

O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth provides CCTV drain line inspections to enable you to make informed decisions on your pipeline and drainage systems.

CCTV inspections are used to:

  • Locate the cause of blockages in drainage lines.
  • Locate the route of a drainage line.
  • Locate access points in drainage lines.
  • Determine the condition of drainage lines.
  • Provide pre-purchase inspections for buildings.

O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth can deliver the inspections to the client via the Internet, providing the customer with instant reporting, regardless of the client’s location anywhere in the world. This option is perfect for investment properties or asset managers.

Please contact O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth to discuss your requirements.

Root Inhibitors

If your drainage lines are continually getting blocked by tree or grass roots, O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth has a solution.

Rather than replacing the sewer line, which involves high replacement costs, interruption to householder and tenant services, interference with landscaping and prolonged rectification works, we recommend Vaporooting the system. Vaporooting involves a comparatively low service fee, no interruption to tenant services, no interference with landscaping and only takes 1 to 2 hours to complete the work.

The application of Vaporooter to your drainage lines can save you thousands of dollars.

Vaporooter is a combination of herbicides that are placed in sewer lines as a foam for the purpose of eliminating roots and preventing further destruction of sewer pipe caused by live tree roots. Only roots within the pipe and a very short distance outside the pipe are affected. Trees and shrubs immediately above ground are not harmed.

Please contact O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth to discuss your requirements.

Burst Pipes

O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth provides prompt, 24-hour response to burst or leaking water pipes and gas lines.

With our access to a myriad of pipeline products and services, we are ready to assist you in repairing burst or leaking pipes.

Our pipeline products and services include:

  • Copper
  • Gal
  • Viega
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Cross Linked Polyethylene
  • Polybutylene
  • PVC

Please contact O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth if you need an emergency response or to discuss your requirements.

Leaking Taps

There is nothing worse than a leaking or dripping tap.

Should you encounter a leaking tap washer or if your taps have become tight, you can rely on O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth to provide the appropriate solution.

O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth ensures to always service the tapware when replacing a tap washer including:

  • Reseat existing tapware
  • Replacing worn o-rings
  • Lubricating the spindle

This not only stops those annoying leaks and drips, but also leaves the taps smooth and easy to operate.

Tapware repairs can be carried out on most makes and models, be it a standard tap washer or ceramic disk technology.

If your tapware needs replacing, then O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth is able to install all makes and models of taps. The extensive range of tapware available from our national suppliers ensure that we are able to cater for even the more studious buyer.

Please contact O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth to discuss your requirements.

Water Pumps

O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth provides supply and installation of all types of water pumps including:

  • Domestic water pump for water tanks.
  • Submersible water pump for underground water tanks, pits and septic systems.
  • Solar hot water re-circulating pump.
  • Domestic and commercial hot water re-circulating pump.
  • Hot water booster pump for gravity fed hot water systems.
  • Under-sink pump station, used where sink and basin wastes cannot get gravity fall to sewer.

Please contact O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth to discuss your requirements.

Electronic Service Location

O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth uses electronic service locators to detect and track underground metallic services indicating direction and approximate depth, allowing our operators to mark the ground surface, accordingly showing direction and location of the service.

The electronic service locators are used to locate underground services including:

  • Copper & gal water or gas line
  • Power lines
  • Copper telephone lines

O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth also uses the locators to pinpoint the camera heads on our CCTV units, to provide accurate locations of drainage problems.

Once a service is located, O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth can use its hydro excavation equipment to safely expose the service.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact O’Brien Plumbing Tamworth.

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