The My-Air 5 & Panasonic Ducted Air-Conditioning Specialists

For all your air conditioning requirements on the Sunshine Coast and all of South-East Queensland, O’Brien Electrical and Air Conditioning Warana are the team you can always count on. We are your local experts for split system air conditioning, ducted systems, and the awesome MyAir 5 Series system, for the ultimate in-home and office climate control. Learn more

Air Conditioning


O’Brien Electrical and Air Conditioning Warana specialises in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of domestic and commercial air-conditioners for clients across Warana, Sunshine Coast and south-east Queensland.

With years of experience and hundreds of installations under our belt, O’Brien Electrical and Air Conditioning Warana is the perfect choice for your air-conditioning needs. We offer Split System and Ducted Air-Conditioners.

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Call on the Air-Con Specialists on the Sunshine Coast

Our current clients include home owners, builders, architects, consulting engineers and shop fitters. We can assist with all of your Sunshine Coast air-conditioning requirements!

O’Brien Electrical and Air Conditioning Warana can provide advice on the correct type of air-conditioning unit to suit your needs and our trained and qualified electricians will carry out an expert installation. You can rest easy knowing that qualified technicians have installed your air-conditioning safely.

Air Conditioner Installation Service

O’Brien Electrical and Air Conditioning Warana can take care of all your air-conditioning installation requirements! We partner with the best suppliers and leading manufacturers to ensure that our clients are getting a proven and reliable end product. We offer 5 years warranty on our products, backed up with 5 years warranty on our workmanship.

Air Conditioner Repairs

O’Brien Electrical and Air Conditioning Warana can accommodate all of your Air-Con repair needs. Repair work can range from minor tasks to major repair work when it comes to getting your Air Conditioner back up and running. Call us today and receive a free quote.

Our preferred brands include:

If your preferred brand is not listed, let us know as we can access most brands.

Air Conditioner Servicing Sunshine Coast

We also make sure your air-conditioner is always in good condition through regular servicing and maintenance. Having your air-conditioner regularly serviced will also improve air quality and reduce air borne bacteria that may cause allergies. You can rely on our highly qualified electricians to assist you in all maintenance and servicing requirements.

O’Brien Electrical and Air Conditioning Warana can take care of all your air-conditioning needs, so please contact us to discuss your requirements or for an obligation free quote.

More About Air Conditioning System Options

Ducted Systems

With a ducted air conditioning system supplied and installed by O’Brien Electrical and Air Conditioning Warana, you’re able to control the temperature of just one room, multiple rooms or the entire house at the mere press of a button. Covertly hidden away in the ceiling with whisper quiet operation, ducted systems are not only a great addition to the home, but they can also help lower your energy costs due to their speed and efficiency, as well as add value to your home.

Your brand new or replacement ducted air con will keep you cool all summer long, and if you choose a reverse cycle system, it’ll keep you warm through the winter months as well. We supply and install all the most trusted brands on the market and there is bound to be a ducted air conditioning system to suit your needs and budget.

Experience year round comfort with the ultimate in home or office climate control at the touch of a button.

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Split Systems

Split system air conditioning is the perfect solution when you want cozy climate control in one or two specific rooms, or where the installation of a ducted air con system just isn’t possible or out of financial reach. One of the great things about split systems is they come in a whole host of reliable brands, styles and power levels, so you’re bound to find one that suits your needs, room size and falls within your budget.

We have a team of experts on hand who can advise you on just the right choice of split system air conditioner for you, and our friendly and highly experienced technicians are ready and waiting to perform expert installation in quick time. In South-East Queensland we are hard to beat when it comes to split system air conditioning supply and installs.

Single rooms, office areas or large, open living spaces, there is a stylish and affordable split system air conditioner to suit all environments and requirements.

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MyAir 5 Series

Homeowners with split system air conditioners in several rooms or ducted air conditioning will love the innovation and convenience that the MyAir 5 brings to the home. It really is the ultimate climate control device for the modern era, allowing you to accurately control the temperature of up to 10 rooms from the one console.

The MyAir 5 Series is a touchscreen tablet about the size of an iPad Mini and is hardwired into the electrical system so it never needs charging or goes walkabout. Once the app is downloaded for either a smartphone or tablet, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of remote control operation of your air conditioning system from anywhere within the home. Isolate any room and set the desired temperature, and with the addition of motion sensors, your MyAir 5 even knows when a room is empty and goes into power saving mode to keep those energy bills down. It can even control smart lighting and other devices inside and outside the home.

Once you have your hands on a MyAir 5, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

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How much will it cost?

O’Brien Air conditioning installations are not all the same. The air conditioner size will influence the cost as well as the location and how many rooms you want the air conditioner to cool. Then there is the age of your home and how it is wired. Call your local O’Brien Electrician today and invite them around to discuss what you need.

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