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Why Are Metal Roofs More Energy Efficient?

10 February 2021

Why Are Metal Roofs More Energy Efficient?

When considering the various roofing materials available on the market in terms of their energy efficiency, metal sheeting (for example Colorbond), may not be the first option that springs to mind. But in reality, correctly installed Colorbond roofing offers a high degree of both thermal and acoustic insulation throughout the year.

For residential homes and commercial properties looking at new roofing in Port Macquarie, Colorbond roofing has some great advantages when it comes to energy-efficiency.

Here we take a look at how and why metal roofs are an energy-efficient choice for both domestic and commercial properties.

Why is energy efficiency important in a roof?

Directly exposed to sunlight during the hottest part of the day, a poorly insulated roof allows a large percentage of heat to transfer through into the property below.

Conversely, at night, or during cloudy weather, when the temperature is lower, a lack of insulation can cause vital heat to be lost from the building through the roof.

These dramatic heat transfers mean that property owners need to have their air conditioning or heating running for longer, and on a higher setting. This wastes precious resources, as well as results in increased fuel bills. A well-insulated roof is greener, as less energy is needed to keep the building at a suitable temperature.

How are metal roofs designed to be energy efficient?

Metal roofs are a popular option for many reasons: lightweight; extremely strong; weatherproof; and requiring minimal maintenance, a metal roof has many advantages.

In recent years, the manufacturers of metal roofs have paid increasing attention to improving thermal insulation in a number of different ways. Contemporary metal roofs benefit from a number of features that help to improve insulation.

Lighter coloured roofs

In particular, Colorbond roofs come in a variety of pale shades. Paler shades reflect more sunlight away from their surface than a darker, matt coating. Here in Australia, where keeping buildings cool is a priority, metal painted a paler tone wicks heat away from the building more effectively.

Metal cools quickly

At night, once the sun has set, metal quickly releases any heat it has absorbed. This prevents heat being stored in the roof surface, helping a property to cool to a more comfortable temperature.

Colorbond Thermatech technology

The Thermatech coating used in Colorbond products is designed to reflect heat from the sun. This plays a key role in keeping internal temperatures constant, explaining why Colorbond is such a popular roofing choice.

Foil and glass insulating blankets

It’s now common for metal roofs to be installed alongside an additional insulating layer. This provides a higher degree of insulation than metal offers alone, significantly increasing energy efficiency.

Metal panels with integral insulation

Some manufacturers create metal roofs that include insulation within the panels. This results in an energy-efficient roofing surface that’s easy to install.

Are metal roofs more energy efficient than other types?

If the right product is selected and installed correctly, along with additional insulation as needed, metal roofs are just as, if not more, energy-efficient as tile, slate, concrete, or bitumen roofs. There are also a number of other benefits of metal roofs that put Colorbond roofing above the rest.

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