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Emergency Electrician Coopers Plains


Emergency Electricians available across Brisbane Southside


For after hours emergencies please call – 3277 7345 – to be connected with the on-call technician.


O’Brien Electrical and Plumbing Coopers Plains provide 24/7 emergency electrical and plumbing service for clients across Brisbane Southside.

We have a team of 24-hour electricians and plumbers that can assist you in cases of emergency electrical or plumbing breakdowns. We offer after-hours and same-day emergency breakdown services. Our experienced office staff can help determine how urgent the situation is and have a technician respond the same day and often within an hour.

In case of an emergency, O’Brien Electrical and Plumbing Coopers Plains is available and ready to respond to your urgent plumbing requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our on-call service technicians.

Web inquiries are not attended to until the next business day, so it is best to call us immediately for any emergency.


Call us (07) 3277 7345


The Electrical team on site in Coopers Plains


A power outage can happen at any time, and without electricity, your normal routine is out the window! From TVs to fans, all of your appliances rely on electricity to work. You can’t live in a modern home, especially in a hot Queensland summer, without it.

O’Brien Plumbing & Electrical Coopers Plains offers reliable, professional electrical services for any electrical emergency you may have.

We are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to take care of whatever your urgent needs are and wherever you’re located across the entire region of Brisbane Southside.

So, if you’re in need of emergency electrical services or just want to upgrade your electrical system or breaker panel, the O’Brien team is here to help. Our certified technicians are capable of handling any job, makes no matter how difficult it may seem to be. So, call us today to get started.


There when you need us, any time, any day

Have you settled down for a relaxing Saturday night in, and your power’s suddenly dropped out? Don’t struggle through a cold shower! Our emergency electricians are here to help whether it’s a standard workday or not.

If you need an emergency electrician in Coopers Plains, you can’t afford to wait. Call us for your emergency service needs. We offer 24/7 emergency service and on-call technicians who will be available to come to your location with the necessary equipment, at any time of the day, any day of the week.


Safety first

We believe that safety should be your biggest priority—that’s why our emergency electricians are equipped with the latest technology and tools, which allow them to identify hazards and provide solutions quickly.

Our electricians are all experienced and knowledgeable about Australian safety standards, ensuring a problem-free service for your home or business.


Affordable rates

Electrical emergencies require quick service—and money concerns shouldn’t act as a roadblock to keeping your home and family comfortable and safe. That’s why we guarantee competitive pricing for all of our emergency and standard electrical services.

We strive to provide you with high-quality service at affordable rates. Get a quote today by contacting a leading emergency electrician service on Brisbane’s Southside now.


Trusted experts

We offer skilled, insured professionals who will ensure your place is safe again quickly and efficiently. Our team is fully licensed and trained under strict Australian standards, ensuring timely service and effective results for our valued customers.

So don’t hesitate—contact us today!


Call us (07) 3277 7345



1. What are the most common emergencies that require an electrician?

If you have a problem with your wiring, an electrical fire, or a power outage, you will need to call a professional electrician ASAP.

Some common emergency situations include:

  • Faulty wiring in a home or office building.
  • Unexpected power outages.
  • Malfunctioning electrical equipment


2. What is a general guideline for contacting a qualified electrician?

If you find any kind of electrical issues at your property that cannot be resolved without a simple fix like flicking a switch in your power box, you should call the experts. You should never attempt to fix any electrical issues yourself as this is extremely dangerous.


3. What should I do before calling an emergency electrician?

There are a few things you should do before calling an emergency electrician. You can check for any blown fuses or circuit breakers, while also trying to identify the type of problem and how it manifested—you can share this information with the electrician when they arrive – but only if it is safe to do so.

When calling an emergency electrician, always have a pen and paper handy to take any notes if needed.


4. How can I find an emergency electrician in my area?

Finding an emergency electrician in your area is as simple as typing your location and ‘emergency electrician’ into Google. You could also check with your neighbours or local friends for recommendations so that you can find a professional that can meet your needs quickly.

If you’re located on the south side of Brisbane, you don’t need to look any further—at O’Brien Electrical and Plumbing Coopers Plains, we offer emergency electrician services across the entire region quickly and effectively as locals to the area.


5. What is the cost of hiring emergency electricians?

The cost of hiring an emergency electrician will depend on many factors including your location, the type of emergency that the professionals find, and the company you choose.

In Queensland, the cost of hiring an electrician averages out to around $75 per hour, while average call-out fees sit at around $95. Contact your chosen professional to discuss a custom quote for the job at hand.


6. How do I choose the best emergency electrician for my needs?

When you’re searching for an emergency electrician, there are a few key points to look out for. First, make sure the electrician is fully licensed.

It’s also worth checking the company’s previous reviews—usually available on their website or relevant service review sites—to make sure they have a positive reputation.



Do you have broken glass?
Call us now on 1800 059 829

For emergency glass repair or replacement in your home or business, speak to one of our experts. We'll discuss options, costs and appointment times.

We'd love to help you, but unfortunately cannot assist with:

  • Cook tops or oven doors
  • Refrigerator glass
  • Light and lamp shades
  • Spectacle repairs
  • Phone or tablet screens
  • Curved glass or tanks

Is your plumbing job an emergency?
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Your message may not be seen until the next business day, so if this an emergency job please call us directly now on (07) 3277 7345 and we can get to you as soon as possible

Is your electrical job an emergency?
Call us now on (07) 3277 7345

Your message may not be seen until the next business day, so if this an emergency job please call us directly now on (07) 3277 7345 and we can get to you as soon as possible
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Is your plumbing job an emergency?
Call us now on (07) 3277 7345

Your message may not be seen until the next business day, so if this an emergency job please call us directly now on (07) 3277 7345 and we can get to you as soon as possible

Is your electrical job an emergency?
Call us now on (07) 3277 7345

Your message may not be seen until the next business day, so if this an emergency job please call us directly now on (07) 3277 7345 and we can get to you as soon as possible

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