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Looking for a Brisbane Plumber? We can help!

We consider our team to be our biggest asset, thus, an integral part of our business. We employ licenced tradesmen who have been in the plumbing and electrical trade for most of their lives and love it!

All of them then undergo continual professional development including technical skills upgrades, customer service and product training.

Therefore, when you use O’Brien Plumbing and Electrical Coopers Plains, you’re being taken care of by a professional team who prides itself on the highest quality service.

A plumber fixing a toilet in Brisbane Southside

Plumbing Services

O’Brien Electrical and Plumbing Coopers Plains is your local Brisbane Plumber, ready to assist you with all your residential, industrial and commercial plumbing requirements.

We make it our responsibility to provide you with the most up-to-date and innovative solutions for your home. This is why we work closely with our key suppliers to help ensure we deliver the latest technologies at a competitive price. Our expert knowledge, coupled with a wide range of quality products, aims to ensure that your plumbing and performance expectations are met.

Our residential plumbing services include:

  • Leaking Taps, Toilets, Showers
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Burst water pipes, water mains & leaking pipes
  • Replacement of tapware, basins, toilets, showers
  • Under sink boiling/chill water units
  • Replacement of dishwasher, hot water units

At O’Brien Electrical and Plumbing Coopers Plains, we understand what businesses need. Our expert plumbers’ high level of responsiveness and reliability help ensure that your premises are maintained and compliant, giving you the peace of mind that your business is operating at maximum efficiency and safety.

Our commercial plumbing services include:

  • General Plumbing Maintenance
  • Valve Testing
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Trade Waste Management

Whether it’s new installations, planning a solution, or programmed facilities maintenance, we will provide you with expert plumbing services, so call your local Brisbane Plumber.

Contact us now for high quality plumbing services.

Call us (07) 3277 7345


Plumber's tools on toilet at home

Residential Plumbing

When disaster strikes or plumbing breaks down, you need help fast. Problems with your home’s equipment can cause distress and trouble.

Fortunately, our team is here to help. We arrive at your property rapidly when things go wrong to offer assistance. It’s all part of our award-winning service.

Residential plumbing doesn’t last forever. Eventually, pipes corrode and split, water tanks break down, and hardware reaches the end of its service life. Many homeowners find events like these surprising. They’d love for their fittings to last forever, but they don’t.

The good news is most fixes are simple. Replacing burst pipes and swapping out old taps for new ones is easy. Replacing water or chill units or other appliances, such as dishwashers, is simple too when you have the right team to help you.

Our residential plumbing services include:

  • Fixing leaking taps, toilets and showers: Nothing is more annoying than leaky plumbing that drips all night. Fortunately, our team can help. We can solve most problems there and then, stopping dripping sounds from keeping you up all night.
  • Hot water system repair: Water systems can last a decade or more. However, eventually, you’ll need to service them. Water can corrode them from the inside out, leading to extensive damage.
  • Burst or leaky water pipes and mains: Gushing water can damage your property and cause flooding. It can also weaken masonry and cause mould growth over time. Therefore, it’s an emergency. Fortunately, we can be on-site quickly to fix the problem while helping you shut off mains over the phone until we arrive.
  • Dishwasher replacements: Our team can remove old units that have reached the end of their serviceable lives and replace them with new ones.
  • Under-sink boiling/chill water units: These systems provide you with ultimate convenience in the kitchen, giving you hot or cold water on demand.
  • Tapware, toilet, shower and basin replacements: No matter which units you need to fix, we can help. Replace faulty units quickly and safely.


Commercial Plumbing

All our commercial plumbers are fully trained and accredited by the relevant national bodies. And they have significant experience in business plumbing needs.

Our commercial plumbing services include:

  • General plumbing maintenance: Our team can test and check your system for faults and issues and fix them quickly before they turn into more significant problems that interrupt your operations. Regular servicing reduces downtime and lets you provide a more consistent service to customers.
  • Valve testing: Valves don’t last forever, but it can be hard to tell when they are about to fail. Our valve testing service makes it easy to know which valves are okay for now, and which you should replace.
  • Drain cleaning: Commercial drains have to cope with all manner of issues. Customers and colleagues may throw solid items down toilets, causing blockages, or kitchens may discard too much oil waste via their sinkholes. Either way, we’re here to solve your drainage problems and offer advice on how you can prevent them in the future.
  • Trade waste management: This service can help you if you have leftover materials after construction. Managing trade waste with us lets you remain compliant with the law while keeping your site clean and safe.

Call us (07) 3277 7345



What’s the difference between residential and commercial plumbing?

Residential plumbing tends to be simpler than commercial plumbing. Business premises often require larger pipes and more robust equipment. They also require more complicated pipework, usually because they need to furnish buildings with plumbing services.


How can I find a decent local plumber?

You can find a good local plumber by checking they are licensed and insured. You can also ask how long they’ve been in business and view their reviews and references. Getting a personal referral for a plumber is almost always a sign they can do a great job.


Do plumbers offer free quotes?

We offer free quotes on all work you solicit from us, whether it’s residential or commercial help. For a more accurate estimate, we may need to visit your premises.


What can plumbers install?

Plumbers can install practically anything plumbing-related. Common installations include drainage, pipework, toilets, baths and showers, central heating systems, dishwashers, hot water tanks, and fountains. Ask your plumber whether they install the item you want to add if you’re not sure.


Why hire a plumber instead of doing it yourself?

Many people believe that plumbing is simple and that they can fix problems themselves. However, that’s rarely the case. Household and business plumbing is a complex system and it requires professional understanding to manage. Our plumbers have training on multiple plumbing issues, letting them find the source of the defect quickly, avoiding doing damage to the rest of your system.


When should you call a plumber?

You should call a plumber if you have problems with your water main, leaks, backups and frozen pipes. These situations are all emergencies and require rapid, specialist attention.



Do you have broken glass?
Call us now on 1800 059 829

For emergency glass repair or replacement in your home or business, speak to one of our experts. We'll discuss options, costs and appointment times.

We'd love to help you, but unfortunately cannot assist with:

  • Cook tops or oven doors
  • Refrigerator glass
  • Light and lamp shades
  • Spectacle repairs
  • Phone or tablet screens
  • Curved glass or tanks

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Your message may not be seen until the next business day, so if this an emergency job please call us directly now on (07) 3277 7345 and we can get to you as soon as possible
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Is your plumbing job an emergency?
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Your message may not be seen until the next business day, so if this an emergency job please call us directly now on (07) 3277 7345 and we can get to you as soon as possible

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