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Top 3 Plumbing Issues Sunshine Coast Plumbers Deal With

9 June 2022

Top 3 Plumbing Issues Sunshine Coast Plumbers Deal With

Water and plumbing are vital to the way we live, so when problems arise, it’s key that you have an expert to call upon who is reliable and efficient.

Plumbers are essential in any community, keeping water flowing and continually repairing issues to avoid property damage which is sometimes very easily done.

Plumbers can often deal with multiple call-outs a day, ranging from smaller issues like installing new taps to significant problems like burst pipes causing flooding.

But the most common plumbing issues are often easily resolved with plumbing maintenance before they become a serious issue.

So, let’s go through the top 3 plumbing issues that Sunshine Coast and how this knowledge can help you with your plumbing maintenance in the long term.


Dripping Fixtures

Having a leaky tap is more often than not an annoying inconvenience that many of us are familiar with, causing significant amounts of water to be wasted.

With numerous taps throughout the home, this is a common issue that plumbers on the Sunshine Coast are used to dealing with.

The usual cause of a fixture to drip when it has been turned off is a damaged or worn washer, which is the small rubber ring that sits underneath the screw of the tap and is connected to the handle.

When you turn off the tap, the screw puts pressure on the washer, making a seal which prevents water from coming through.

However, when the washer is faulty, water can seep through, and this is what causes a leaky tap. The fix is simply replacing the washer with a new one, and plumbers are used to doing this on a daily basis.

But this seemingly simple job that some of us tackle alone can be caused by other issues such as high town water pressure that can cause other serious issues in the long term, like leaking pipes.

So, if you suspect that your leaking fixtures are caused by more than just a worn-out washer, it is best to give the experts a call before more serious and expensive damage is made.

Plumbers are also used to fixing other leaky fixtures, like toilets, where the issue requires a closer investigation to figure out where the leak is coming from specifically.


Slow Drainage

Another very common plumbing issue on the Sunshine Coast, and indeed all around Australia, is slow drainage.

Having a slow draining bath or sink that takes as long to empty as it did to fill up is a big inconvenience, plus it hints that a full blockage could be close on the horizon, so best to fix this before you are up for a very large bill.

Dealing with this would halt your entire day, so this is why it is often best for homeowners to call a plumber if they’ve noticed slow drainage for a while and have not been able to get rid of it by using a plunger or shop-bought solutions trying to unblock the pipe.

A blocked shower or bath is usually caused by a build-up of hair, while a kitchen sink blockage can be caused by food accidentally going down the plughole, or a build-up of grease or particles.

Plumbers have specialist equipment to deal with big blockages and they have the knowledge to be able to safely deconstruct the pipe so they can remove anything that may have lodged in it.

Calling a plumber is the best option in this case before there is further damage caused by the blockage.


Blocked Toilets

Toilets get used many times a day, so it’s no wonder they sometimes fail us.

Plumbers are used to dealing with many different causes of blocked toilets. Just like blocked drains, plumbers have the right equipment and knowledge to take apart the piping if necessary to deal with toilet blockages and fix issues.

From overuse of toilet paper to objects that should not be flushed finding their way into the pipes, there are a few reasons toilets get jammed. The most common issue is people flushing things that do not disintegrate in water and so are more likely to get stuck.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues on the Sunshine Coast and need a plumber to come out and help, there’s no better option than our experts at O’Brien Plumbing Maroochydore.

Whether it’s domestic plumbing at your home or a commercial office, a big or small job, we can take care of your plumbing issue quickly, so contact us to book now.


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