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Area Lighting Lake Macquarie


Area Lighting Across Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

At O’Brien Electrical Lake Macquarie, we have been designing and installing area lighting for our customers across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and the Hunter Valley for three generations.

Area lights require expert knowledge and experience to ensure a safe outdoor space for everyone accessing the area.  Different areas require different lighting solutions, with suitable fixtures and brightness. 

At O’Brien Electrical, we have the skills and experience in managing area lighting for all types of outdoor lighting and hazardous lighting projects. We use the highest quality products, ensuring safety standard requirements are met in every environment and the project is executed on time and on budget.

Our qualified electricians operate locally and are trusted by the Lake Macquarie community. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, honest service to all of our customers.

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Area Lighting Specialists in Lake Macquarie

O’Brien Electrical are your local area lighting specialists, keeping businesses and homes across Newcastle & Lake Macquarie safe with a variety of outdoor, hazardous and area lighting solutions.

Contact us today to find out more about our lighting services, including design and installation, available in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie.



Commercial Area Lighting


What is Area Lighting?

Area lighting is designed to illuminate a whole area at night, using lights that cast directional light rays from within a set boundary, such as a rectangular or circular boundary. Rather than illuminating an area, such as a room, with a single point of light, area lighting uses multiple points of light to illuminate large or hazardous areas to make them more accessible and safer.

Types of Area Lighting

Because area lighting can be used in a wide variety of internal and external spaces (depending on their size), the design and installation of the lighting can depend more on the need that lighting is fulfilling. Different types of area lighting can include:

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights placed around the exterior of a building, which could be residential, commercial or industrial. Exterior lights or outdoor lighting is most commonly used at entrances and pathways, and include fixtures such as outdoor sconces and wall lights. 

Outdoor lights for entrances should be positioned with the center point approximately 1.6-1.8m above the ground or floor to match the average head height. 

Other types of exterior lights can be used for an outdoor living space, such as decks, patios or porches.

Hazardous Area Lighting 

Hazardous area lighting is used in areas considered hazardous due to harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures or the presence of corrosive materials/elements. Hazardous lights have an intrinsically safe rating, which means that the electronics/wiring within the equipment can not spark at all. This is important in areas where they may be exposed to gas or highly flammable elements, as the lighting cannot accumulate enough energy to spark at the site.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is another sort of outdoor lighting designed to potentially deter criminal activity or, in the worst case, illuminates the area to provide a clear view of persons or objects in the area being protected. There are different kinds of lighting that can be used for security purposes, including sensor lights, continuous lighting, portable lighting and emergency lighting.


Can I use LED lights outside?

LED lights are completely safe to use in outdoor lighting, provided they are housed and sealed correctly. Using them in areas that are covered from the elements is also ideal, however, if the lighting is protected and designed for use outdoors, then it is safe to add LED products to your outdoor areas.

Area Lighting & Emergency Electricians

O’Brien Electrical Lake Macquarie has a team of 24-hour emergency electricians that can assist you in cases of area or outdoor lighting emergencies, offering after hours and same day emergency break down services.  The breakdown of area lighting can pose security and safety issues to your property, so if you are having issues with your area lighting then it is best to have a qualified electrician assist you as soon as possible.

Our team of expert electricians are available and ready to respond to your urgent electrical requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for when things go unexpectedly wrong. 

If you’re facing an emergency, you can call our expert emergency team 24/7 and we’ll get out to you as soon as we can. 


Get in touch

To find out how an experienced team can assist with the installation, maintenance or repair of your area lighting, call us today at O’Brien Electrical Lake Macquarie. Our trusted, professional electricians will be happy to offer electrical advice over the phone or we’ll get out to you as soon as we can.


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