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Surge Protection Lake Macquarie


Surge Protection Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

O’Brien Electrical is your first line of defense against abrupt power surges and voltage spikes. We have been installing surge protectors for clients across Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley for years.

Electrical surges occur a few times a year due to lightning and inconsistent voltages from transformers. Unfortunately, most home and office appliances/equipment are sensitive to voltage spikes. These plug-in devices get overloaded, and their circuits may get fried, costing thousands of dollars to replace or repair.

At O’Brien Electrical, we strive to keep your home appliances safe. Our team of local, fully-licensed technicians will help you curb power spikes by installing the highest-rated surge protectors. We take pride in protecting your valuable assets.

Don’t wait until power surges wreak havoc in your home. Proactively install surge suppressors to safeguard electronic devices.

Electrician Working On Power Cabling

Surge Protector Installation

O’Brien Electrical is your surge protection specialist, keeping electrical appliances across Lake Macquarie safe. Our friendly team of local electricians is knowledgeable in matters of surge suppression. Let’s help you protect expensive equipment against excessive power supply.

Upon calling us, we will assess and determine whether your home needs a whole-house surge suppressor.

A whole-house surge protector is a surge protection device (SPD) wired into your home’s electrical system to protect all electrical components.

Most homeowners rely on plug into the wall power surge protectors, but those offer protection to only a section of plug-in appliances. 

Where Should You Install A Surge Protection Device?

There are two ways of installing surge suppression devices, line-side installation and load-side installation. Type 1 SPDs are installed on the line side before power enters your home, while Type 2 SPDs are installed on the load side after power enters your home.

High surges from utility service lines are best handled by a Type 1 SPD installed between the home’s electrical service panel and the utility line. However, it isn’t uncommon for small power surges to breach this line of defense.

Type 1 units suit industrial buildings with lightning protection systems. A knowledgeable licensed technician can only handle such installations.

Most Type 2 SPDs are affixed to circuit breakers in the breaker panel. They must be installed on the service overcurrent protective device’s load side and act as primary protectors for low voltage electrical installs.

Type 2 units utilize the metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology. MOV allows standard current to reach devices and redirects surges to the ground system.

You can install Type 2 units in either the primary distribution or sub-distribution boards.

The most common protector in homes is the power board with a safety switch. These strip surge protectors are Type 3 protectors, and they only safeguard devices plugged into them. They cannot protect power surges to other sections of the house.

At O’Brien Electrical, we don’t recommend relying solely on power boards with safety switches. Such power boards are susceptible to overload when you connect several devices and overloading beyond the maximum current rating can trigger fires.

What are Surge Protectors?

A surge protector is a device that detects and prevents transient overvoltage from damaging electronic equipment. These units are equipped with specialized circuits that divert power surges to the ground without reaching connected electrical appliances.

Surge protectors are also called surge suppressors, spike suppressors, transient voltage surge protectors, or SPDs. These units protect devices like fridges from power surges or spikes.

Power surges and spikes are increases in voltage beyond acceptable levels. A power surge lasts for more than three nanoseconds, whereas a power spike lasts for two nanoseconds or lower. 

Do You Need Surge Protection?

You do need surge protection. Voltage fluctuations can be triggered by unnatural factors like lightning strikes, which we don’t have control of. Surge suppression is the only way of safeguarding valuable appliances against unexpected power pollution.

The supply voltage in Australian homes is approximately 230V. Most home electrics can handle such power but will get damaged if the voltage exceeds. A surge protector acts like a gatekeeper that prevents excess voltage from reaching the end appliance.

Spike protection is increasingly important if you live in or near lightning hotspots. Your home equipment will remain safe whenever lightning triggers power surges.

Surge suppression is also paramount to those living at the end of a power line. All power surges at the end of the line will be directed to your home. The excess power will certainly destroy appliances unless you divert it.

Lightning isn’t the only instigator of power surges. High-power electrical devices like air conditioners can also cause voltage fluctuations. Their high electricity demand might affect the power distribution in a home. Spike protection helps minimize such occurrences.

What is the Main Purpose of a Surge Protector?

The primary purpose of a surge protector is to protect appliances against surges in power. This unit directs excess power into the grounding system, shielding electric equipment.

A surge protector comes in handy when protecting appliances with a circuit board. These are items like washing machines, freezers, and dishwashers. Unprotected circuit boards get fried whenever there is a power surge.

Do I need Surge Protection in Australia?

You do need surge suppression in Australia. First, utility providers in the country don’t guarantee 100% error-free electricity. Second, Australia does not regulate surge suppression on equipment. Equipment may lack surge suppression or rely on oversee standards.

Lastly, Australia’s AS/NZS1768 isn’t mandatory surge protection but a risk assessment standard. It’s up to the user to identify the risk and install appropriate surge suppression devices.

What is Surge Voltage Protection?

Surge voltage protection refers to using surge protection devices to block excess voltage in a power supply, only allowing appropriate voltage thresholds to the whole house.

Two things affect the level of spike protection:

  • The joule ratings of the surge suppressor
  • The clamping voltage of the surge suppressor

Joule ratings represent the amount of power the spike protector can handle. This rating reflects the quality and quantity of Metal Oxide Varistors in the unit. The higher the joule rating, the more effective the voltage protector is.

Clamping voltage is the maximum voltage that can pass through surge suppression devices. The lower the clamping voltage of a protector, the better its spike protection.

Don’t let power surges ruin your home appliances. Call O’Brien Electrical now, and get the protection your home deserves.

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