We continue to be available to service your electrical needs. Given the ever-changing situation, we continue to put increased hygiene and protective measures in place to help keep customers and staff safe, including the latest requirements.

Emergency Electrician 24/7 Lake Macquarie & Newcastle


Emergency Electrician 24/7 Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

Need a 24-hour emergency electrician in Lake Macquarie? At O’Brien Electrical, we have been providing residential and commercial emergency electrical services across Lake Macquarie & Newcastle for three generations. 

Unexpected electrical issues can happen at the most inconvenient of hours. While some electrical problems aren’t threatening, others pose an immediate safety threat to families or properties. When it comes to emergency electrical breakdowns, a rapid response is paramount.

No matter the time or season, O’Brien Electrical is always ready to respond swiftly with our expert emergency electrical service. Our team of licensed electricians is prepared to rescue you from any emergency electrical issue, whether after hours, holidays, or weekends. 

Our qualified and local emergency electrician team is trusted by the Lake Macquarie community. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, honest service to all of our customers.

Don’t sit on any electrical breakdown. Rescue is just a call away.


Call us (02) 4953 6656

24/7 Emergency Electrical Services

O’Brien Electrical is your local electrical emergency specialist focused on ensuring electrical safety, responding to all Lake Macquarie electrical needs in the event of emergencies. Our experienced 24-hour team of electricians can handle all electrical breakdowns, whether day or night.

Our specialty ranges from small emergency service calls to large emergency disasters. No electrical task is too tiny or complex for our well-trained 24-hour electricians.

Some of the emergencies we respond to include:

  • Commercial emergencies
  • Smoking electrical outlets
  • Exposed live wires
  • Flickering lights
  • Sparking electrical panel
  • Power loss to safety systems, exit systems, heating systems, medical equipment
  • Plastic burning smell
  • Power surges
  • Electrical fires
  • Non-resetting circuit breakers
  • Switch and dimmer issues
  • And more

Contact us today to find out more about our emergency electrician services available in Newcastle & Lake Macquarie.

What Is an Electrical Emergency? 

An electrical emergency is any severe electrical breakdown that may pose a safety or economic threat to people or properties. Any electrical issue that demands urgent professional intervention can be termed an emergency.

The definition of an electrical emergency varies from one person to the other. What you deem as threatening might not intimidate others. Any abnormality in the electrical system or appliances might be an emergency.

Some emergencies might be more urgent than others. For example, power loss to medical equipment and smoke or fires from electrical outlets require an unmediated response.

An ongoing issue with a particular electric outlet or appliance requires professional attention. Such malfunctions can cause serious injuries or trigger fires if left unattended. 

What Is the First Thing to Do in an Electrical Emergency?

In an electrical emergency, the first thing to do is turn off the main supply’s power. Cutting the power supply will help reduce the risk of electrocution as you contemplate the next move. It also helps prevent sparks, fires, and the possibility of the electric issue spreading to other sections.

This emergency response is only effective if you know where the main power supply is located. Flip the switch once you find the breaker box.

Cutting off the power supply at the source is only recommended if it is safe. Don’t attempt to switch off the power if the main supply is affected or poses an electrocution threat. Contact an emergency electrician if you’re unable to switch off the power supply.

The response to an electric emergency depends on the type and scale of the emergency.

Electrical Fires

The first response to an electric fire is to cut the power supply from the main. Without power, the intensity of the fire would reduce. 

After cutting off the power supply:

  • Use a fire extinguisher to put off small fires – Use class C extinguishers. Class A (water-based) extinguishers might be problematic if the power supply isn’t cut off.
  • Call the fire brigade in case the fire is large and spreading fast. We advise you to call the fire brigade even after putting off the fire.
  • Evacuate the building

Electrical Shock

In case of an electric shock emergency, the first response is not to touch the electrocuted person. Resist this temptation even if the person is a family member. Next, cut off the power supply and call the local emergency service.

Power Outages

Turn off the primary power source if you experience frequent power outages. The next step is calling an experienced technician to diagnose the issue. Such problems can be as simple as a tripped circuit breaker or as complex as faulty equipment.

Fallen Power Lines

The first response to a fallen power line is to stay 40 feet away from the fallen or hanging cord. Also, don’t touch anything in contact with that power line. After observing these measures, contact local emergency authorities.

Handling electrical emergencies can be dangerous to you and your family members. At O’Brien Electricals, we recommend calling emergency numbers if you’re unsure of what to do in case of an electrical emergency.

Always stick emergency numbers on visible places like fridge doors, where anyone can access them and request help.

Refrain from using electric outlets until an emergency technician diagnoses and solves the electrical fault.

When to Call a 24 Hour Electrician

Electrical breakdowns cause inconveniences and pose safety risks to people and property. Seek prompt, professional assistance if you encounter the following anomalies.

Power Blackout

Call an electrician if your home doesn’t have power yet neighbors do have. Our electricians can help restore power to your home.

Exposed Wires

Plugs and cords with exposed wiring carry the risk of fires, shocks, and electrocutions. Our 24-hour electricians can provide prompt repairs or insulation to such an issue. 

Sparking Outlets

Blue sparks are common when connecting a plug to an outlet. However, sometimes you’ll notice an abnormal spark. These sparks have white/yellow color, smell like melted plastic, and might take time to fizzle out. Call our emergency technician if you encounter abnormal sparks.

Unusual Noises

Any humming or buzzing sounds from lights and any electric system shouldn’t be taken lightly. It could indicate issues with the ground system, overloaded circuits, or loose connections. Our electrician Lake Macquarie can diagnose and fix this issue.

Water Damage in Your Home

Any unwelcome water from flooding or leaking roofs is terrible news for your home’s electrical system. Water-electricity combination is life-threatening and should be avoided. Exposed wiring will need replacing, while outlets must be inspected.

O’Brien Electrical electricians can assess and repair any electrical damage caused by water.

Get in touch

When you have residential and commercial emergency electrical needs, call us today at O’Brien Electrical Lake Macquarie. Our trusted, professional electricians will be happy to offer home electrical advice over the phone or we’ll get out to you as soon as we can.


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Is your electrical job an emergency?
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Your message may not be seen until the next business day, so if this an emergency job please call us directly now on (02) 4953 6656 and we can get to you as soon as possible

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