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What Is Heat Pump Air Conditioning?

5 August 2021

What Is Heat Pump Air Conditioning?

Keeping homes at a comfortable temperature when the thermometer starts to rise is a priority for most Australian homeowners. Although an air conditioning system is widely recognised as the installation that’s needed to keep your home cool, the reality is that an air conditioning system in Bendigo with a heat pump can heat and cool your home.

Here, we take a look at the differences and similarities between air conditioning designs, as well as consider the pros and cons of each to help you find the best air conditioning system for your needs and the Bendigo climate.


What is air conditioning?

Air conditioning works by drawing heat out of the internal atmosphere and conveying it outside. Refrigerant liquid passes into the evaporator coil in your home, which is cooled as a result. A fan blows the warm air in your home across the evaporator coil, causing the heat from the air to transfer into the refrigerant, causing it to evaporate.

The cooled air is then blown back into your home, and the refrigerant gas is conveyed back outside to the unit. Here, the excess heat is transferred into the atmosphere and the refrigerant gas is condensed back into a liquid. The refrigerant liquid then passes into the house again, and the cycle recommences.

It’s important to remember that an air conditioner can only cool air; the only way to increase the temperature in your home with air conditioning is to have a split system air conditioner.


What is a heat pump system?

A heat pump system can act as an air conditioner; it can extract the heat from your home. That is why they are commonly known as reverse system air conditioners.

It can also act as a heater, raising the temperature as required. If heating is required in the home, the refrigerant is loaded with heat taken from the outside atmosphere, so that it is in a gaseous form. The gas then passes into the evaporating coil. When the fan blows the air over the warm refrigerant, heat is transferred to the air.

The refrigerant condenses as it cools and is then pumped back to the exterior, where it takes on more heat. The warmed air is then blown back into the home, raising the internal temperature.

When a cooling action is required, the process is reversed. The heat pump then works in the same way as conventional air conditioning.


Should I Install Reverse System Air conditioning?

For most people, the best type of air conditioner to have is the most energy-efficient one. In most cases, the reverse system air conditioner is the most efficient style of heating and cooling for the home.

There are also advantages around servicing and maintenance; rather than needing one service for your heating system and one for your air conditioner, a single heat pump inspection will take care of both.

Get in touch with our experts today to find out more about the benefits that a reverse system air conditioner can bring to your home in Bendigo.


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