We continue to be available to service your electrical needs. Given the ever-changing situation, we continue to put increased hygiene and protective measures in place to help keep customers and staff safe, including the latest requirements.

Preventative Maintenance Canberra


O’Brien Electrical Hume works right across Canberra, providing high-grade, cost-effective electrical preventative maintenance to residential and commercial customers.

Our expert, local electricians offer complete maintenance and servicing solutions, as well as electrical repairs and upgrades if required.

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What is preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is work that’s done to reduce the risk of a major breakdown in the near future.

Not only is it vital that electrical installations and appliances are working safely, in some circumstances, but it’s also important that they don’t suddenly fail.

Preventative maintenance has been shown to reduce the risk of an untimely malfunction and is critical for all businesses.

Preventative maintenance includes a wide range of different services, including:

  • Checking installations and appliances, including Test and Tag.
  • Inspecting electrical wiring, circuits, fuses, the fuse box, and other elements of a building’s wiring system.
  • Carrying out tests to establish the safety of appliances whilst they’re in use.
  • Replacing components that are showing signs of wear, but which haven’t yet failed.
  • Advising on upgrades.
  • Advising on energy efficiency measures.
  • Carrying out minor repairs that could escalate into larger, more costly repairs if not tackled promptly.


What are the benefits of preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance has several significant benefits, including:

  • Less likelihood of sudden electrical failure.
  • Less likelihood of electrical installations or appliances malfunctioning.
  • Reduced risk of safety hazards.
  • Preventative work can be carried out at a time to suit your schedule.
  • Warning of the need for upgrades or additional outlay provides time to budget effectively.
  • Regular maintenance reduces the risk of costly, large-scale repairs being needed.
  • Maintenance can lengthen the lifespan of your appliances and/or installations.
  • The opportunity to save money on energy bills through the adoption of more energy-efficient practices.

In general, preventative maintenance is a proactive way of managing electrical safety, at the same time as reducing the risk of untimely breakdowns, premature appliance failure, or disruption due to the need to carry out emergency repairs.


What preventative maintenance services does O’Brien Electrical Hume offer?

We provide a complete suite of preventative maintenance services for both commercial and residential customers. Our services include:

  • Energy audits
  • Test & Tag.
  • Replacement of worn parts.
  • Inspection and servicing of appliances and electrical installations.
  • Inspection of wiring, circuits, circuit breakers, fuses, etc.
  • Advising on upgrades/planned replacement of electrical installations to avoid obsolescence or to cope with changing demand.
  • Safety checks.
  • Performance checks.

If you want to ensure your electrical installations and appliances are working safely and optimally, our team of highly skilled and experienced professional electricians in Hume have the knowledge and skills to get the job done.


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What’s the difference between maintenance and servicing?

Although the terms maintenance and servicing each have a distinct definition, the results of both maintenance and servicing are the same – safer electrical systems and appliances that tend to last longer and require fewer large, costly repairs.

Maintenance refers to the actions necessary to keep a machine or system functioning properly. For example, replacing worn parts or circuit testing. Servicing is the act of doing maintenance actions. When one of our electricians comes out and performs maintenance tasks on an appliance, they are said to be servicing the appliance.

Are residential and commercial preventative maintenance different?

The aims of residential and commercial maintenance are the same, but the type and scale of the activities carried out vary, depending on whether the electrician is working on a private residence or a commercial enterprise.

Commercial premises, particularly those that are open to the public and/or employ staff, are required under health & safety legislation to ensure that their electrical installations and systems meet certain basic safety requirements.

In contrast, although any electrical work that’s completed on a domestic property is required by law to meet specific safety requirements, there isn’t a legal obligation on the homeowner to have electrical inspections or maintenance carried out in the same way.

If they do have work done, they do have a legal obligation to use a licensed, registered electrician.

Do I need my appliances Test & Tagged annually?

Businesses have a legal requirement to ensure that their appliances are safe to use. This is commonly taken to mean that eligible appliances should be tested and inspected to ensure any safety concerns are picked up early. The recommended interval between Test & Tag inspections varies depending on the appliance, its use and location. Some appliances should be tested every three months, others less frequently. O’Brien Electrical Hume carries out PAT (Test & Tag) testing in line with best practices and industry regulations.

Is preventative maintenance essential for businesses?

Businesses are required by law to maintain their premises and equipment in line with relevant health & safety legislation. There is no way of ensuring compliance without some form of testing and maintenance.

For this reason, preventative maintenance is seen as an essential part of any organisation’s compliance with health & safety laws.

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