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Windscreen Chip Repair

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Need to fix a chipped windscreen?

If you have a windscreen chip, it’s important to get it checked and fixed quickly as it may turn into a crack, often when you are least expecting it.

An O’Brien® expert technician can assess your windscreen damage to see if we can provide a repair using our exclusive ART (Advanced Repair Technology) system, and with our special resin which dries stronger and lasts longer than ever. It’s our best ever resin!

We’re also offering contactless in-branch and mobile payments and services to help limit physical contact between our technicians and customers.

In just 30 minutes, O’Brien® gets you back on the road, fast and safe! So, fix that chip before it cracks and if you have car insurance – a chip repair may be free.

Call 1800 815 414 to find out more.


How does O’Brien® repair a windscreen?

  • Our technician inspects the damage to ensure a successful O’Brien® repair can be undertaken.
  • We clean and prepare the area to ensure a quality repair, and to allow the resin to bond with the windscreen properly.
  • Next, we place our exclusive ART device over the damage and create a vacuum.
  • Then, we fill the chip with our special resin, which dries stronger and lasts longer than ever.
  • Our ART device ensures the resin is pushed right to the end of the micro-cracks.
  • We then use a UV light to harden the resin.
  • Lastly, we clean and polish the windscreen and remove any excess resin to ensure a smooth finish.

Why can’t all windscreen chips be repaired?

For O’Brien® to repair a windscreen chip it needs to meet specific requirements:

  • The chip needs to located at least 5cm from the edge of the windscreen.
  • If the chip is in front of the driver (the critical vision area) the whole chip (including all off-shooting cracks) needs to be smaller than a 5 cent coin.
  • If the chip is in front of the passenger, the whole chip (including all off shooting cracks) needs to be smaller than a $1 coin.

Your O’Brien® technician will check all of these items (and a few other technical ones) upon seeing your windscreen and will conduct a detailed inspection to determine if the windscreen is ready for a repair by O’Brien®.
Don’t delay, contact us on 1800 815 414 today.


How long does a chip repair take?

Using exclusive tools and technologies enables us to restore your windscreen in just 30 minutes and you can drive away immediately, knowing our workmanship is guaranteed for the life of your vehicle.

Will repairing a chip make it invisible?

Our repair will always look better than the unrepaired damage, but it will not be invisible. After the repair is completed we clean and polish the windscreen to leave a smooth finish. We double-check the damaged area is completely filled and repeat the process if necessary.

What happens if a chip repair fails?

Whilst our expert technicians are highly trained to minimise the risk of a failed chip repair, in some cases the attempt to repair a windscreen can make the chip bigger through no fault of the technician. This is due to small micro-cracks emerging from the initial impact. In this rare case, we will credit the cost of the chip repair you paid from the cost of a new windscreen from O’Brien®.

What if I need a windscreen replacement?

If your windscreen chip cannot be repaired by O’Brien®, our technician will recommend a windscreen replacement:

  • We will prepare the new glass and ensure your vehicle’s interior is protected.
  • Next, we cut the windscreen seal and safely remove the glass from your vehicle using exclusive Ezi-Wire technology.
  • We apply a primer to the vehicle’s framework and allow it to dry, before applying a strong bonding glue to the new windscreen.
  • We carefully fit your new windscreen using our expert 1-Tek® tool.
  • Next, we use a powerful vacuum to clean any broken glass from your vehicle, ensuring it’s safe inside and out.

How much does a windscreen chip repair cost?

The cost of an O’Brien® windscreen chip repair depends on a number of factors including the number of chips, size and position of the damage. And if you have car insurance – a chip repair may be free!

We accept debit cards, major credit cards and Zip. For payment via Zip click here.

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