Commercial Glass


On site glass installations made easy

From shop fronts to internal office partitions to security door glass, let O’Brien® help you with your commercial glazing needs.

Our nationwide network can assist you with measure and quotes, installation and emergency repairs and your commercial glazing job will have a central point of contact from start to end – making the process easy for you.

Did you know O’Brien® offers construction glazing services Nationwide? Better still these services are centrally managed for consistent service and communication across multiple projects, no matter where they are located. We make it easy. With our long-standing history and high standards of customer service you can rest assured knowing you will receive great ongoing support backed by our national branch network.

National network of glazing experts

Our national network of glaziers cover 99% of the population and provide a comprehensive range of glazing solutions including:

  • Awnings
  • Shop fronts
  • Frameless automatic doors
  • Facades
  • Refurbishments & retrofits
  • Double glazed units
  • Security glass solutions
  • Balustrades
  • Partitions
  • Mirror and glass splashbacks

We also offer a wide range of tinting solutions to assist with energy ratings, safety and security, anti-graffiti ‘sacrifical’ film and decorative options.

Design custom glass panels and walls

Glass office partitions offer a stylish and contemporary solution to maximise your office space, letting the light flow through your working environment but also providing the necessary privacy.

Our glass panels can be designed and modified to your exact business requirements and design specifications. Office partitions also allow you to capitalise on natural light, potentially reducing the need to rely on expensive lighting and thereby reducing your energy expenses.

What are the benefits of glass panels and partitions in the office?

  • Flexibility: O’Brien® can install partitions to your design or help you design partition systems that meet your needs for flexible workspaces, privacy and sound control.
  • Noise reduction: Glass partitions can help to reduce noise between work areas.
  • Privacy: Glass partitions can provide much needed privacy in your working environment, choose frosted or decorative glass, or select a film or tint as required.
  • Branding: You can choose to use your corporate branding, images or colours in your office partitions. Logos can be laser cut into privacy film to add a truly on-brand environment.

Contact our expert glazing team today to discuss the options available.

Did you know?

We can apply digital print film with your logos or images to your partitions, and if theres any changes we can remove and update the film in a flash!


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We'd love to help you, but cannot assist with:

  • Cook tops or oven doors
  • Refrigerator glass
  • Light and lamp shades
  • Spectacle repairs
  • Phone or tablet screens
  • Curved glass or tanks

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