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How hail can damage a windscreen

28 June 2017

How hail can damage a windscreen

“This week on Cruise Mode, host Shannon Noll and Physicist, Doctor Steve wanted to see how easily hail can crack a windscreen using an ice cannon.

Quite clearly, hail can cause severe damage to your vehicle and can crack your windscreen in more places than one.
Protect your windscreen from severe weather such as a hail storm with the below tips:

  • Get undercover parking or look for a safe shelter
  • Cover your windscreen with some blankets, a tarpaulin or even the floor mats from your car
  • Plan ahead – if you know a storm is forecast, find an alternate form of transport or try and delay your trip
  • Secure any loose objects from around the vehicle to avoid damage if blown around

Storms can hit at any time of the day or night and we understand that you can’t always be prepared and keep your vehicle safe from damage. At O’Brien®, our friendly advisors are available 24/7 and our expert technicians are located all over Australia so we’re always here when you need us.”


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