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Can worn out wiper blades damage your windscreen?

8 October 2020

Can worn out wiper blades damage your windscreen?

While wiper blades seem to be a minor part of vehicles, they actually play a crucial role in keeping the driver and passengers safe while on the road. As failing to maintain your wiper blades may cause issues with visibility in poor weather and could compromise your driving perception.

This is why it’s important to make it a point to check your wiper blades from time to time and see if they are still functioning effectively.

What happens when your wiper blades are worn out?

Wiper blades are made of metal and rubber, which are constantly exposed to various elements such as vehicle waxes and oil, extreme temperatures, snow, dirt, dust and other airborne debris. These can collect on your wiper blades, causing the rubber part to deteriorate over time.

You will start to notice your wiper blades are worn out if:

  • They start to leave streaks
  • They skip sections on your windscreen
  • You hear excessive squeaking or other unusual sounds when in use

In time, the damaged rubber will eventually expose the metal part of the wiper blades, giving them direct contact to your windscreen. If this happens, the exposed metal may cause scratches on various sections of the windscreen when in use.

If left in this condition, not only could they damage your windscreen glass, the uneven cleaning of the windscreen may cause driving distractions and compromise the driver’s road visibility.

How to maintain your windscreen wiper blades

You can extend the life of your wiper blades by regularly checking their condition and wiping away any stuck debris. Some manufacturers recommend inspecting your wiper blades every six months for wear. This could be shorter or longer depending on how often they are exposed to various weather conditions.

O’Brien® experts recommend wiper blades to be replaced immediately when the signs of wearing begin to show. This is to help ensure that the driver’s view of the road remains unimpaired whilst driving in any weather condition.

At O’Brien®, we offer Bosch wiper blades for great performance. These can be purchased from your nearest O’Brien® AutoGlass branch, or you can have them installed on your vehicle by our experts when you have your windscreen repaired or replaced.

For more information, visit your local O’Brien® AutoGlass branch or ask our experts about replacing your Windscreen Wipers when making a booking!


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