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How To Keep The Kids Entertained On Your Next Road Trip

22 December 2021

How To Keep The Kids Entertained On Your Next Road Trip

After a busy year of work, school and so much more, with the summer break underway for many, it’s always wonderful to escape the everyday and explore your own backyard.

‘Cos nothing beats a great Aussie road trip!

There’s just one problem… “ARE WE THERE YET?!”

How do you keep the kids from tearing each other’s hair out in the back seat on those long drives to your next stop? Well, we’ve got some great screen-free ideas that just might help.

Put the devices away and let the kids play

We all know the drill.

You’ve got your eyes on the road, the wind in your hair and the world at your feet. Then a small voice cuts through the serenity… “I’m bored?” Ah, the dreaded call of the restless child!

Unfortunately, the back seat crew usually aren’t as impressed with the scenery as you are, and the iPad’s nearly out of juice. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of family-friendly car games that will keep the kids entertained for hours… or at least until the next bathroom break.

5 games you can play in the car with your kids

1. I Spy

A road trip classic! Plus, if you’ve got younger kids who haven’t learnt to spell yet, it’s easy to switch the game up from letters to colours and shapes.

For example, say “I spy with my little eye, something round and red” for a stop sign. Just remember, I Spy works best on roads with interesting scenery. If you’re stuck on the freeway, maybe try another game.

2. Spot-o!

Each player takes turns choosing a colour, then everyone looks out for a car of the same colour. The first player to say ‘Spot-o!” and point to the coloured car gets the point for that car. After the agreed-upon time limit, the player with the most points wins the round.

To keep it interesting, choose an uncommon colour. There are plenty of white cars on the road, and the players tally could get too high to keep count. Try yellow, or green, or even purple!

3. Name the Celebrity!

This one is great for older kids. One player starts by saying a celebrity’s name. The next player must then think of a celebrity whose first name begins with the same letter as the preceding celebrity’s last name.

For example, a player might say, Dwayne Johnson, meaning the next player has to think of a celebrity whose first name begins with J, like Jennifer Aniston. If a celebrity’s first and last name begin with the same letter (e.g. Kim Kardashian), you then reverse the order of who goes next.

To make it more fun, add movie and cartoon characters into the mix as well.

4. Movie Buff

This game is about connecting actors with the movies they have starred in. One player starts by saying the name of an actor or actress. Then, the next player has to name a movie they starred in. The following player must then state another actor/actress from that movie. And so on.

For example, the first player may say Chris Hemsworth. The next player can then say ‘The Avengers’. The next player must then name another actor/actress from that movie, like Robert Downey Jr.

5. Alphabet Categories

Start with a category like food, bands, cars, etc. You can try a broad topic or get as specific as you like, depending on the age of your kids.

To start, the first player will name something within the category starting with A, then the next player will do the same using the letter B, and so on. For example, if the category is fruit you could start with Apple, then Banana, then Carrot and so on.

Keep the family entertained and safe

While playing games with the kids on a long drive is great, it’s important to stay focused on the road and minimise any distractions. Safety should be everyone’s top priority.

It’s also a good idea to check your windscreen and windows for cracks or chips before you leave. If you do find anything, give your local O'Brien® AutoGlass team a call so we can get your glass repaired and get you on your way.

You can find your nearest O'Brien® AutoGlass branch here.

Have a safe journey with O'Brien®

At O'Brien®, we’re here to make sure you have a safe and memorable family road trip this Summer. With over 95 years of experience, our expertise and quality service make us Australia’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company.

We understand our clients more than anyone else. Plus, if you ever find yourself in a regional town needing urgent vehicle glass repairs, the O'Brien® team are just a phone call away.

For more information, contact us on 1800 059 829 or explore our website.


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