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How To Know It's Time To Upgrade Your Plumbing System?

11 October 2022

How To Know It’s Time To Upgrade Your Plumbing System?

Plumbing upgrades and maintenance are important in reducing water wastage and saving you on expensive plumbing problems in the future. Over time pipes can weather, rust and corrode. An outdated plumbing system can cause havoc on your home’s plumbing functionality.

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your plumbing? We’ve consulted our O'Brien plumbing experts and here are the top 5 signs your plumbing system needs to be refurbished.

1. Noisy pipes

Water is meant to run smoothly through pipes, noisy and rattling pipes could be due to a number of factors. These include water hammer, loose piping, worn out washers, faulty valves and worn out assembly. A high pitched sound is usually worn out washers whereas a water hammer is a low vibrational sound. If left unattended these noisy pipes can cause leaks and damage to the property.
Call an O'Brien plumbing expert to secure your pipework and ensure they don’t cause further problems down the track.

2. Low water pressure

Showering with low water pressure? Taps hardly running? This could be due to worn out shut off valves that may reduce the flow of water. It may be time for an upgrade as the worn out valves can’t handle the capacity of water flowing through. An experienced O'Brien plumber can help you locate the issue and solve the water pressure problem.

3. Corroded pipes

Over time corrosion can happen to your pipes, affecting the pipes from the inside and out. If your pipes need maintenance or repairs it may be time to upgrade. Different materials last longer than others, but no matter the material pipes wear out depending on usage.

The potential lifespan of different pipe materials:

Copper: 50 years

Brass: 80-100 years

Galvanised steel: 60-70 years

UPVC: 100years

It may be the case for some older houses that lead pipes are used. In the 1980s lead pipes were banned from production due to not being safe. If your current home plumbing system involves lead pipes we recommend making a system upgrade a priority.

Talk to an O'Brien plumbing expert about your options, we suggest using UPVC, PEX and copper for your plumbing lines.

4. Water discolouration

Water discolouration is a telltale sign that your plumbing system needs an upgrade. Sometimes the problem is temporary and can be fixed by letting the water run for 10-15 minutes. The most common reason is corrosion which we explained earlier, though it could also be due to a faulty valve or a reverse flow. A plumbing professional can conduct a thorough inspection of the plumbing system and help you find a solution.

5. Vent and Drain Lines

Another important aspect of your home’s plumbing system is drain and vent lines. They are crucial components of your home’s sewer system. Drain and vent lines assist in the circulation loop and smooth running of your home’s sewerage system. Many vents don’t open to ‘free’ air which is a pivotal component to regulating the air pressure within the plumbing.
If you notice your toilet bubbling and water level rising and falling it may be a sign that it’s time to overhaul your current plumbing lines.

O'Brien plumbers can retrofit and replace damaged pipes, repair leaks or perform a complete plumbing system upgrade. If you start to notice any of the above issues, jump on the phone today for a quote.


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