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Will My Windscreen Chip Crack?

13 April 2023

Will My Windscreen Chip Crack?

A chipped windscreen always has the potential to crack. Your windscreen is a hardy piece of vital glass in your vehicle, but when compromised by a stone chip, for example, it sometimes doesn’t take much for that chip to crack.

That tiny chip might not look like much as it’s only small in comparison, but many factors can cause this damage to worsen, potentially costing you a new windscreen.

We asked our O'Brien® AutoGlass team to share some of the most common factors as to how your windscreen chip could turn into a crack, as well as their top reasons why you should have your windscreen chip repaired ASAP.

What can cause a chipped windscreen to crack?

There are 5 common reasons why your car’s windscreen may crack after a chip. However, if repaired quickly, you shouldn’t need to worry about these situations.

  1. Sudden temperature fluctuations

We all know that temperature changes can cause things to expand or contract, and windscreens are no exception. For example, be careful if you’ve parked in the hot sun for a while and then decide to turn on the air-con to quickly cool it down. Blasting cold air onto a chipped windscreen might cause it to crack. Or perhaps there’s a frost that’s left some ice on your windscreen and you’re trying to get the ice off by pouring hot water over your windscreen. You might be in for a nasty shock! These are just two scenarios where shifts in temperature can cause that chip to crack. So, the longer you delay the repair, the greater the chance that temperature changes will result in further damage.

  1. Bumpy terrain and vibrations

Uneven roads can also cause issues. For example, the vibrations caused by driving on gravel roads, roads that are under construction, going over a speed bump or hitting a pothole could cause a bigger problem for your chipped windscreen.  Even the slamming of a car door could be enough to cause further damage. Extreme vibrations and bumps can add to the stress that already exists at the point of a chip in your windscreen, which could result in a crack.

  1. Pressure on the windscreen

The last thing you want to do is lean on the windscreen or put weight on it from an object. Given it has weakened from the chip, if you put pressure in that area, it could cause it to crack.

  1. Direct Impact

It doesn’t need to be another stone chip than could cause further damage. If another object strikes the windscreen, particularly in the same spot, it could worsen the existing chip, potentially cracking your windscreen.

  1. Hail and Storms

Storms can cause debris to fly, and things like small branches could be just enough to cause that chip to crack. And we all know the damage hail can do. So small or large hail stones can also cause additional damage, and not just to the windscreen.

3 reasons why you should have your windscreen chip repaired as soon as possible

There are so many scenarios outside of our control that can cause windscreen chips to worsen. We’re all guilty of ignoring it – even if it’s small and right in front of us!

Here are our top 3 reasons why you should visit your local vehicle glass expert and have your windscreens checked:

  1. Chips can quickly turn into larger cracks, often when you least expect it

As mentioned above, chips happen! And there are too many scenarios that can cause a chip to crack, potentially resulting in the purchase of a new windscreen.

It’s therefore best to address any minor damage as soon as possible before it becomes a costly exercise.

  1. Fixing a windscreen chip is less expensive and faster than a windscreen replacement

Our professionally trained vehicle glass technicians have the experience and tools to fix a windscreen chip in about 30 minutes. This is in comparison to a full windscreen replacement which usually takes about 90 minutes to get done.

In addition, a chip repair is cheaper than a full windscreen replacement. When you consider the time and materials involved for both processes, a chip repair makes more sense when it comes to minimising costs. And the best thing is, if your car insurance includes cover for glass damage, you could get the repair done for free! But check with your insurance provider as each company is different.

  1. A windscreen repair creates less waste

Last but not the least, a chip repair is greener than a full windscreen replacement because it does not require a new piece of glass. A tiny vial of our special resin is used for a chip repair (together with our portable equipment), so the waste is minimal, fitting into the palm of your hand and weighing only a few grams.

A windscreen weighs approximately 15kg and once removed from your vehicle, it then needs to be disposed of properly for recycling.

If you’ve got a chip in your windscreen, don’t wait – call O'Brien® today

O'Brien® has a repair-first policy meaning that if we can repair it using our specialist equipment, we always prefer to repair a windscreen rather than replace it.

Remember, it doesn’t take much for a windscreen chip to turn into a crack.

We replace thousands of windscreens every year, but a chip repair is faster, cheaper and greener.

So, don’t wait for the chip to turn into further damage. Have your windscreen chip repaired with O'Brien® to get you back out on the road fast.

Call 1800 059 829 today to speak to our friendly O'Brien® experts or book online. For your nearest O'Brien® AutoGlass branch near you, click here.


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