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Cal-Tech® ADAS Recalibration

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What is ADAS and how does it affect my windscreen?

ADAS is an abbreviation for Advanced Driver Assistance System, a collective term for the new technology used to assist the driver in avoiding road collisions. The ADAS technology uses cameras, radar and other systems to inform the vehicle of where it is on the road looking forward and sometimes to the side or backwards. The majority of front facing camera systems are either attached to the inside of the windscreens or are mounted on the roof and look through the windscreen.

Many modern vehicles are now equipped with sophisticated ADAS technology, as safety features such as automatic emergency braking and lane departure warnings become more standard. Often ADAS with a forward looking camera will require recalibration after windscreen replacement as a vehicle manufacturer requirement due to the technology being housed in windscreen mounted hardware.

If your vehicle is fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance technology, recalibration might be required after a windscreen replacement. Choose O’Brien® and you’ll be in safe hands.

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Do I have ADAS on my vehicle?

It is important to know if your vehicle is fitted with ADAS because it can help improve road safety if it is working properly. We advise you check with your vehicle manufacturer for which ADAS systems you have on your vehicle. Alternatively, O’Brien® can easily identify if your car has an ADAS windscreen with just a few questions.

Does O’Brien® offer ADAS recalibration?

Yes we do. O’Brien® has partnered with BOSCH to deliver an innovative solution in recalibration technology for many vehicle types, which we call Cal-Tech®. This innovative solution is available in most of our larger branches and offers you a seamless windscreen repair or replacement solution when your vehicle’s camera is one of those that Cal-Tech® can recalibrate.

Can O’Brien® recalibrate my ADAS camera?

Yes we can. We now offer recalibration for many vehicle types with our Cal-Tech® system. For some vehicle models where the O’Brien® system is not yet available, we have relationships with many car manufacturer dealerships and will arrange the recalibration on your behalf.

Why does O’Brien® recalibrate your car’s ADAS safety cameras?

It is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers that after replacing your windscreen the cameras should be recalibrated to ensure the system is operating with the precision that the safety system requires. At O’Brien® when we replace a windscreen with inbuilt ADAS technology, we believe the safest option is to recalibrate the camera in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Please read our Cal-Tech® ADAS Recalibration Guarantee for more information.

Will using O’Brien® to recalibrate my ADAS safety camera void my new car warranty?

No, it shouldn’t – O’Brien® can replace your windscreen and we also do recalibrations for many vehicles types which means we can do it all in one go. Click here for more information.

What happens if my ADAS safety camera is not working properly after I pick up my car?

We have every confidence in our skilled technicians, but if you do have a problem, please contact your local O’Brien® branch. O’Brien® also provides a warranty on your ADAs recalibration of 12 months, or until another recalibration event occurs (please check your vehicle owner handbook). You also have protections under the Australian Consumer Law. Click here for more information.

How much does Cal-Tech® ADAS Recalibration cost?

The cost depends on the make and model of your car and whether you have insurance coverage.

We accept debit cards, major credit cards and Zip. For payment via Zip click here.

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