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Air Conditioning | The Importance of Routine Servicing

12 September 2019

Air Conditioning |  The Importance of Routine Servicing

Air Conditioning | Why a regular service is needed

Heating and cooling systems are rarely noticed up until the point they breakdown. What many of us forget is that just like a car, our reverse cycle air conditioners also need regular maintenance. Over time – as filters do the job they are made for – dust and grime will build up. This build up reduces efficiency, air quality and the lifespan of a unit. In our experience, in a high use environment like a commercial property or school, a routine service should be completed every six months. Just before and again just after summer is the ideal time. This ensures the air conditioning unit is fully serviced before the high use summer period, and again as the cool weather of winter arrives.

What is involved with a routine service

 Our team of experts has built a comprehensive service solution. Broken down, this process covers the essential cleaning & maintenance of the unit and development of a comprehensive asset report. The asset report will highlight all important details and provides the client with a transparent overview of all works completed. Following up, If further attention is needed to address something, such as a failed component or a leak in the system, this will be highlighted in the report and can be actioned at the discretion of the client.

Asset report includes:

  • Mapped unit location
  • Unit identification number
  • Photos showing before & after
  • Asset register of all units on site
  • Welfare status
  • Report highlighting if additional work is required

Why O’Brien Electrical Narre Warren?

O’Brien Electrical Narre Warren has for over 15 years worked extensively in both commercial properties and schools. The team works extensively on Department of Education and Training projects and then directly with schools for routine maintenance. As part of this, you can rest assured that every team members is qualified professional and in the knowledge that every single team member has their Working With Children Check and has extensive experience working in the education environment.


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