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Behind the Scenes of O’Brien® Mobile Service: On the road with Mike Kelly, an O’Brien® Technician.

22 April 2024

Behind the Scenes of O’Brien® Mobile Service: On the road with Mike Kelly, an O’Brien® Technician.

Here at O’Brien®, our Mobile automotive technicians make repairing and replacing your vehicle glass easy – and in most cases, we can even come to you.

With 64 O’Brien® AutoGlass locations across Australia, there could be an expert technician nearby, ready to assist you with your vehicle glass needs.
Today, we wanted to shed some light on what the O’Brien® AutoGlass mobile service covers, so decided to have a chat with one of our most experienced mobile technicians, Mike Kelly from the Smeaton Grange Service Centre in Sydney.

We asked Mike a few questions about the work he does each day at O’Brien® to help keep his customers on the road. We hope you learn about the ins and outs of the O’Brien® Mobile Service and a few handy tips as well.

Q: Tell us about what services you provide as part of the O'Brien® AutoGlass Mobile Service.

Mike: Every service centre has at least one qualified Mobile Service Technician who specialises in providing convenient windscreen replacements and repairs. As a Level 5 technician with 19 years of experience, I primarily work on the road, replacing windscreens at customers’ homes, businesses, or even at the beach– essentially wherever our customers need us, provided it’s a safe location.

We can help with chip repairs, windscreen replacements (for non-ADAS vehicles), door and rear glass replacements and we can even offer additional services like windscreen wiper and cabin filter replacements as well.

When you make a booking, our call centre team can confirm if there is a mobile service option available at your service centre for the time you’d prefer.

Q: Is it safe for someone to drive with a chip or crack in their windscreen?

Mike: A chipped windscreen may seem like a small problem in the short term, but there’s a chance that that chip may spread and eventually turn into a large crack. There’s no issue driving with a chip, however, there’s no knowing when a chip could turn into a crack. In fact, it will often when you least expect it, so it’s wise to get a chip repaired as soon as it happens.

In the event of a crack appearing, if the crack doesn’t impede the driver’s vision, it’s usually ok to drive your vehicle to a safe location, but you should seek our assistance immediately afterwards. That’s what’s good about our Mobile Service, so you can avoid the need to drive with reduced visibility and unsafely.

Q: What tips do you have for customers that they can follow right away in the event of getting a chip in their windscreen?

Mike: A chip in your windscreen means that your windscreen is weak where this damage is, which means your windscreen could crack at any time. So, the best approach is to get it fixed as soon as you can.

A handy tool to keep in your glovebox is an O'Brien® Saver Patch Kit. These are free, and available at your local O’Brien service centre. This clear sticky patch can cover your chip and prevent moisture or dirt from being embedded in the cracks of the chip. While this patch won’t prevent the chip from turning into a crack, it could help improve the cosmetic appearance of your repaired chip. If the chip is kept clean, there’s a better chance of the repair being less visible. But the best thing is to act quickly to repair your chip, which can save you from having to replace your entire windscreen. Like we say in our ads, repairing a chip is definitely FASTER, CHEAPER and GREENER.

I repair lots of chips every day, as it’s very convenient for customers to have us come to them (instead of bringing their car into our service centre). And I always leave behind a few Saver Patch Kits (because you never know when you will get a chip).

Q: How long does a typical windscreen replacement take, and what is the process like?

Mike: At the start of my day, I’ll have already loaded up the new windscreen for your vehicle (which our branch team arranged to have ready at our centre when you first booked with us). This means I’ll have not only your new windscreen but all the tools I need to complete the installation when I arrive and once I’m there, at the customer’s location, I get straight to work.

On average, a windscreen replacement takes around 90 minutes to complete.

Once the replacement is done, we recommend you let the car sit for approximately half an hour to ensure everything sets properly which means you’ll usually be back on the road and safe, within about an hour and a half.

Note that if you go to a service centre for a windscreen replacement, you will need to allow an extra 30 minutes (depending on how busy they are), and if your car has ADAS features, it will require additional time for a recalibration to be performed.

Q: How do you ensure you have the right glass for each job?

Mike: At O’Brien®, we have a vast inventory of prefabricated glass covering a wide range of vehicle makes and models at our National Warehouse, something in the range of 150,000 different shapes and sizes.

When a job request comes in, we verify the vehicle’s specifications and promptly order the necessary glass from our national warehouse. Technicians like me are trained to identify the correct glass type, and our advanced inventory management systems ensure we make the accurate choice. Plus, with the extensive delivery network, the right glass is delivered to our service centres quickly as well.

Q: Can you provide the Mobile Service anywhere to customers?

Mike: We can provide our services at customers’ homes, businesses, or even at convenient public locations like shopping centre car parks.

However, for safety reasons, we typically require off-road parking to carry out the work efficiently. If a vehicle is stuck on the road due to damage, we’ll assess the area for safety and proceed accordingly. If possible, it’s also great if the vehicle can be kept under cover as working with glass in the direct sun can be blisteringly hot – that’s a great help to us. For example, if the glass is too hot, we have to wait until it cools down to perform a chip repair (which adds extra time to the job and can delay you getting back on the road).

As Mike, our mobile tech expert said: if you’ve got a chip in your windscreen, don’t wait.

Remember, it doesn’t take much for a windscreen chip to turn into a crack, plus, chip repair is faster, cheaper, and greener than windscreen replacement.

So, don’t wait for the chip to turn into further damage.

Have your windscreen chip repaired by a friendly expert technician like Mike who can come to you and help get you back out on the road fast.
Call 1800 059 829 or visit our website to book your repair or replacement today.

Do I look familiar? You’re probably right! You may have seen me in the recent O'Brien Group Brand ad. To view the ad, click here.


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