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Meet Dorothy & Cam: The Stars of the New O'Brien Radio Ads!

25 November 2022

Meet Dorothy & Cam: The Stars of the New O’Brien Radio Ads!

We have some very talented people at O'Brien® who not only do chip repairs and windscreen replacements but have also surprised us with their natural radio skills.

Well, you might have heard two new voices appear in our latest radio ads that have been running across Sydney and Melbourne recently.  Yes, joining our well-known techs, Nat and Ed, are two new real-life techs, Dorothy and Cam.

Today, we wanted to introduce them both to you and find out a bit more about their experience as our latest radio stars and Auto Technicians here at O'Brien®.

Dorothy – O'Brien® AutoGlass Rosebery, NSW

Dorothy has been with O'Brien® for 3 months now.

She previously worked as a Glazier for her family’s business back in Hungary, but since arriving in Australia 7 years ago, she has mostly worked in hospitality.

After seeing the recruitment ad featuring Nat on TV, she just knew she had to apply for a job at O'Brien®  – and she hasn’t looked back!

While her role as an Automotive Technician is a little different to what she was doing back in Hungary, she’s really enjoying what she does and still gets to work with glass but this time in vehicles.

“I’m really looking forward to getting some more experience with the glass replacement process in vehicles and learning more about camera recalibration,” Dorothy tells us. “It’s really nice to see that there are so many training courses and safety requirements in place here to help all employees feel comfortable each day.”

Cameron – O'Brien® AutoGlass Bayswater, VIC

Cameron has been an Automotive Technician at Bayswater for more than 6 years.

He loves getting out and about, working with his hands and interacting with different customers each day. He particularly enjoys installing car door glass and has become quite good at it over his time here at O'Brien®.

“It’s a pretty good gig working at O'Brien®. You get the occasional day that can be a bit challenging (like every job I guess), but overall, it’s pretty sweet, the team is great, and I really enjoy it,” says Cam.

So, what do Dorothy and Cam think about their newfound radio stardom?

“I think it’s really cool that our company uses real employees for radio ads. I always thought big companies used paid actors, but for O'Brien®, it turns out they actually rely on us to help get their messages out there,” Cam explains. “A few mates have already messaged and asked if that’s me on the radio – which is cool.”

At O'Brien®, we pride ourselves on getting our team members involved in our ad campaigns – and they love it too! Dorothy says, “I feel really respected, valued and appreciated as an O'Brien® team member.”

While they were initially a bit nervous, both Dorothy and Cam really enjoyed the whole experience.

“I was just working one day, and one of the Marketing team was visiting our branch, and after chatting for a bit, then asked if I wanted to be in a radio ad. I’d never done it before and I was very nervous, but I got a few days to prepare, and it was a great experience,” says Dorothy.

Cam adds, “I was a little nervous, but it was pretty sweet. I was given the questions and was allowed to say wanted I really wanted to say. I’d definitely put my hand up again.”

Dorothy finishes with a few parting words for our readers

“If someone is looking for a career change, I would encourage people, especially women, to get out of their comfort zone and try something new and apply for a job at O'Brien®.”

So, there you have it!

Are you keen to join the O'Brien® team?

If this sounds like your kind of thing and you’re interested in working as part of an amazing team, check out the roles we have available at O'Brien Careers today.


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