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6 Things To Know About An O'Brien Windscreen Replacement

13 July 2020

6 Things To Know About An O’Brien Windscreen Replacement

You’re driving along, a stone flicks up, hits your windscreen and crack. It can happen so easily, and to anyone at any time.

You’re now probably thinking you’re up for the cost of a new windscreen and the hassle involved to do this. But have you thought about how this may affect your visibility while driving?

Did you know that a properly fitted windscreen accounts for up to 30% of a vehicle’s structural strength? Not only is your windscreen important for car safety in the event of a rollover but if it isn’t fitted correctly by an expert technician, you could be in for a range of issues such as leaks, rust, and the dreaded ‘windscreen whistle’ sound.

While many vehicle glass service providers offer windscreen replacements, they’re not all the same.

This means it’s important to ensure you have the right people replacing your windscreen. Find out more about an O'Brien windscreen replacement.

1. How do you remove my previous windscreen carefully?

Removing the damaged windscreen from your vehicle is not a simple process, and requires a lot of care. Proper vehicle protection and processes help prevent hidden damage that can cause long term issues such as rust and leaks, and helps protect the paintwork and vehicle interior.

The O'Brien® tools and processes help to do just this. One such item is our Ezi-Wire tool. It is a superior process when it comes to removing the old windscreen and protecting your vehicle because Ezi-Wire uses a tough string to cut round the windscreen as opposed to using sharp metal knives. This minimises glass fragmentation resulting in an improved finish.

We also use other car protection tools, such as padded bonnet covers and seat protection covers, all help to protect the vehicles paintwork and interior during the replacement process.

2. How do you know how to fit my new windscreen when they’re all different?

Windscreen glass is heavy and every model fitting is different, depending on your vehicle’s brand and make. It’s important that your service provider has the right method to provide a quality job the first time. This ensures proper windscreen replacement and avoids further inconvenience for you.

Because every vehicle model fitting is different, we have the latest vehicle glass fitting instructions for even some of the newest vehicle makes and models on the market so we always know what to do.

We also use our exclusive 1-Tek® lifting device. It provides a quick and portable way for our technicians to safely and accurately lift and position your windscreen correctly.

3. Do you use quality adhesive?

Once your windscreen is replaced, the choice of the adhesive used to bond the glass to your vehicle is a critical element to the quality and safety of the windscreen replacement service.

At O'Brien®, the Sika polyurethane adhesive we use has been extensively tested and used throughout the world and has high tensile strength. In fact, it is so strong we can even lift a car solely by its windscreen. Check out the video here.

We also use one of the quickest drying bonding systems for your convenience, getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

4. What if my car has cameras – will the windscreen replacement affect this?

Most manufactures require vehicles with forward facing cameras that form part of driver assist systems, such as automated braking, to be recalibrated after a windscreen replacement. Why? If the camera is a few millimetres out, it may not function as the manufacturer intended, which could increase the risk of collision.

At O'Brien®, we stay up to date with advances in technology – that’s why we’ve introduced a tool specifically designed to check that the camera that looks through your windscreen is working properly before you leave.

We call this technology Cal-Tech® recalibration. And, we believe the safest option is to recalibrate the camera where the manufacturer requires it.

To make it easy and save you time, we can perform both a windscreen replacement and a Cal-Tech® recalibration at the same time. For more information, click here to view a short video.



5. Who’s working on my windscreen?

If your windscreen isn’t fitted correctly by a qualified glass technician, you could be in for a range of issues.

O'Brien® accredited glass technicians are assessed every two years for quality and performance along with additional training for continuous improvement. We have a very high standard we hold ourselves to, helping to ensure the highest quality service, protection and care for your vehicle.

With over 415,000 vehicle glass replacements each year and over 17,000 reviews on our website with an average of 4.7 / 5 stars, O'Brien® are experts in replacing your windscreen, side windows and rear windows.

6. What hygiene protective measures do you have in place during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has affected us all.

However, during this uncertain time, O'Brien® has responded by making several changes to the way we serve our customers.

We can offer a Touchpoint Sanitisation Service for vehicle glass services, during heightened COVID periods, including windscreen replacements. Using a 70% alcohol-based sanitiser our technicians will wipe down over 20 locations on your vehicle before and after your windscreen replacement. You can read more about our Touchpoint Sanitisation Service here.

As well as following all the government advice, we have also provided training to our staff and put new procedures in place to help protect you and our staff. Our companywide COVID-19 plan can be found here.

Why choose O'Brien®?

When it comes to windscreen replacement and windscreen repairs, you’re in safe hands. Our technicians are extensively trained in vehicle glass and use our exclusive technology to ensure the utmost care for your vehicle. Not only do we offer repairs in branch, but depending on your vehicle and type of service, we also come to you – whichever is more convenient.
It is important to us that we do the right thing for our people, customers and society. Our team is committed to solving customers problems with real care, so when you choose O'Brien®, you can be sure to expect an expert.

Are you ready to book in your windscreen replacement with us?

To book your car in for a windscreen replacement or windscreen repair with O'Brien®, simply call us on 1800 059 829 and we’ll look after the rest.



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